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Department of Commerce

“Sheila Lee’s subject matter expertise and experience with the Federal workforce is vital to our training curriculum program here at Department of Commerce. She is highly skilled and always responsive to our training needs. Her commitment to employees and her delivery of real value is remarkable. Always focusing on providing excellent customer service is something we can always count on!”

Maryland Courts

“The training program was extremely well received. Special praise to the training facilitator for both the development and delivery of material.”

Maxwell Air Force Base

“Ms. Lee’s company provided the best training under National Security Personnel Training I have ever experienced compared to other contractors offering similar training. The student course evaluations were rated the highest marks I have ever seen during my 39 year Air Force Career.”


(ABC’s for Carrier Success and Getting From Here to There Courses) “Great speaker, great examples, easy to follow, made sure all on the same page level. Good presentation. Enjoyed sessions, career vision statements from participants were great. More time should be allowed for these topics.”


(How to Wow: Customer Service Course) “Great instructor. Very knowledgeable about subject matter and his interaction with the class was enjoyable. Well done.”

Census Bureau

(Success Supervisory Skills Course) “Great use of examples and sharing from experience. Good job encouraging participation from the class. Kept group moving forward. Thanks for the smart guide and the keeper and role model lists.”

Navy Yard

(Conflict Resolution Course) “Very professional and courteous. Great training—very useful. Helps you think outside of your zone. Great course.”

Department of Commerce

(Conflict Resolution Course) “Instructor is very good at conversation vs. lecture. She inspires two way communication. Balanced and real professional at focusing yet allowed some discussion to goof script. Well done.”