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1. Customized Learning Solutions

Clients come to us with a challenge, and we use our assessment and design process to develop the best course of action. This can range from one-on-one coaching, group facilitation and on-line training to event planning, conflict resolution and team-building activities.

Our goal is always to find the most effective and sustainable solution to a defined challenge. Our results are consistent and often surprising.

2. Learning Everywhere® Courses and Workshops

Over the last decades, our team has designed, developed and delivered our own courses and workshops in the areas of professional development, performance management and human resources.

Our proven courses help people improve their critical thinking, management skills, customer service abilities and a host of other important tasks. We have particularly strong courses in diversity and multi-cultural exploration.

Additionally, we have specific courses in a variety of key subject areas such as real estate and the federal government procurement process.

3. Tailored Learning Everywhere® Courses and Workshops

Often our clients ask us to take a Learning Everywhere® course and calibrate it to their specific needs. Because of our experience and breadth of courses, we are able to tailor our courses and workshops to specific organizational objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

4. Facilitation

Good facilitation is an art and science. We are called upon to facilitate meetings, resolve conflicts and improve performance because of our skills in listening and helping people get to the heart of the matter.

5. Speaking Engagements

Our team delivers keynotes, introduces guest speakers and moderates panel discussion throughout the world on topics relevant to minorities, women, education, training and business. A sampling of these engagements includes: the Annual E-Government Conference, the National Treasury Employees Union Annual Training Conferences and Maryland New Directions.

6. Meeting and Conference Planning

We provide planning and support services for clients in the private and public sector at places where important learning takes place.

A sampling of our services include location and specification identification, drafting request for proposals, solicitation review, contract negotiations, program design, banquette/event (food and beverage); audio visual orders, VIP arrangements, transportation, advertising, registration and selection of promotional items.